Monday, October 19, 2009

Traveling to San Fran with T1D

We are now back from our 5 day trip to San Francisco. This was our first time traveling with T1D and we did some things right and many things wrong. And the thing I was most afraid of (getting all the medicine through airport security) was painless and the security folks were very nice. We should of pre boarded the airplane with the 'young children and need extra time' group. It would have made it easier to get all the carry on's on board with out whacking everyone in first class along the way (although really don't they deserve it?) Alaska Airlines had Diet Cream Soda on board to Jilly's delight. She hates Diet Coke and almost everywhere else we went they only served Diet Coke. So kudo's to Alaska who also served 12 gram Cinnimon bagle chips - we will always try to fly with them first.
We visited with Jilly's Great Grandmother at her very nice retirement home. We ate two meals there and they were amazing to us. They even sold us a pack of Diet Root Beer when I complained how we couldn't find it anywhere, not even at a convience store. The food they served was perfect and they let us hobble together a balanced meal for Jilly off of the menu and the salad bar. I'll make another post later rating the other restaurants we visited, some of them were surprisingly awful and I don't know if we will visit again.
One of the things we did wrong was that we often forget the scale and the Calorie King book when we went out to eat. Neither fits in Jilly's supply kit so we kept them in a seperate backpack. Thankfully Ren was able to get to the Calorie King website and verify carb counts with his phone. But it was still frustrating. For our next trip I'm going to put together a small Jilly's Favorites book that will contain the carb counts for the basic foods she tends to order that way she always has the basics covered with her kit.
The rental car place didn't have the car we reserved. They tried to give us a big SUV that I said no to due to size and gas milage. They then gave us a black Chevy HHR. We named the car Tommy as it felt like some old 20's gangster car. It was a horrid car with very little room in it. Then at the retirement home an old man approached Ren and oddly asked if he was 'here for someone'. We didn't know what he talking about at first but it later came out that he thought Ren was an undertaker and the black rental car was a hearse. It seriously scared this old man who thought one of the other residents had died during the night and we were there to collect the body.

Our Gangsta rental car

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