Tuesday, October 6, 2009

One month with D...

Today is our one month anniversery with D. It's been hard, and rough but also amazing. We had a doctor's visit yesterday and Jilly is now giving her own injections. She's resisting it a bit and is still sad to do them. But it's easier...every day it's easier. And we are sticking to our guns and not letting her talk us into doing it for her. Which she tries to do with every injection. It's hard but she will be better for it. Today was also the first day I've felt relaxed with it all. Like seriously relaxed and ok. I mean it's never far from my thoughts - but today it felt like a lighter burden, it was (dare I say it?) normal.
And the doctor's office yesterday she met an amazing boy who's one year older than her. A real cute kid. He showed her his new Omnipod and went over it's functions. He'd only been on it for a week now but he was like a sales rep - impressing even the nurses. One thing we've noticed is that all the T1D kids we've met are brave and amazing. Very bold and self assured. And even the T1D adults we've met share this trait. And the parents of T1D are so supportive, it's like belonging to an exclusive club with this shared experience and support. A month ago I couldn't have imagined we'd be where we are now. Where will we be in two months? Hopefully happily getting injections and counting carbs correctly with better blood sugar control. Did I mention how much I love restaurants that have nutrional guidelines? Thank you Claim Jumper and Red Robin!
We also got our Omnipod trial yesterday. We haven't opened the box yet but will soon.

On the fun side of things I made Jilly a bento for lunch today. I love bento boxes and have amassed quite the collection. Now they serve multiple functions - not only do they keep her food but they also impress her classmates who 'oh and aw' over the tiny cuteness of the containers. Having D doesn't seem so bad when your lunch is adorable. And the size keeps the portions right. I didn't do much decorating inside this box this time, but it's nice and tidy. Later I'm going to do a blog give away for some bento items for T1D kids.
Because seriously they are great for portion sizes.

Contents of Jilly's lunch:
Crackers: 5 at 2 grams each
Cheese Stick: 0 grams

Little cheesey hotdogs: 5 at 0 grams
Bar-b-q sauce: 0 grams (special no carb one)
Bannana: I believe it was 24 grams
And a special chocolate: 5 grams

Jilly Bento

Yummy right? But here's the sad thing - I didn't have time to make a lunch for myself this morning so you want to know what I ate? A stale doughnut! It was nasty and unfullfilling. I'm sure there's a lesson about better time management there...

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