Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The rollercoaster of D...

I'm sick. Just a sore throat and achyness most likely caused by sitting in a very cold room that had the AC on at full blast yesterday at work. The AC might not be the cause of these germs but i'm pretty certain it's played it's part in how I'm feeling today. So under the orders of my husband I was ostercised to our bedroom where me and my germs could be contained. It was also a great excuse to play some Professor Layton on the DS. I love that game.

Jilly's bloodsugar has been high the last two days. At first it was 'high normal' then it was 'high alarming'. Usually her blood sugar is in the range of 150 to 250 at night after recieving her long acting insulin. Last night she tested in at 375! I gave her a correction, tested this morning and she was 335 - only a wee bit better. I had her test Ketones and the stick lit up with a new color that we've never seen before 'mild'. At this point I started to freak - mild? What am I suppose to do with mild?

I left a message for the doctor, cracked open the pink panther book and read that I should check and correct every 2 to 3 hours for mild ketones. The school nurse isn't always staffed at the school (we adore Jilly's nurse) but she handles several other T1D kids at another nearby grade school and as she has two schools has to bounce back and forth between them. So I called into work sick today - which technically I am even though I was just planning on working the day anyway with my good buddy Dayquil. But I can't commute to work and get to Jilly's school in time for a correction. So I curl up on the couch with a cup of tea.

At 10:30 I go in to her school and test her again. 386! I open a new vial of Hummalog - because at this point I think she's either getting sick or there's something funky with the insulin. I correct her and then call and talk to the nurse. We decide I'll call back for lunch to see how her blood stands. Which I do and what do you know her blood is now in the low 70's! Huge amount of difference. Jilly starts to experience the symptoms of a low so they jelly bean her up with Hello Kitty jelly beans no less, retest then give her half a granola bar for good measure. I decided then that they could let her have her lunch and just cover the carbs for it. I'll pick her up from school today - which she'll be cranky about because she wants to go to daycare and play with her friends. But better a cranky child with controlled blood than a kid passed out in a pile of legos.

Today I hate T1D even though I feel a bit of satisfaction that I'm starting to understand it better. We have a new rule to add to the list:

If BS won't go down switch to a new vial of insulin - then watch carefully for a low.

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  1. Ya those days are hard. She is also going through her honeymoon phase too. She is probably on a lower dose of insulin for her body size just because some days her pancreas is working and other days it isn't. So it very well could have been her pancreas taking the day off during this honeymoon period and her body not having enough insulin. You did great though. Pat yourself on the back! You are learning so quickly! Way to go!