Thursday, October 1, 2009

Rules for D...
Bean and I are reading Meg Cabot's book: Allie Finkle's Rules for Girls. It's a great story so far (we are only on chapter four). Out of all the rules in the book my favorite has to be 'Never own a pet that can poop in your hand'. I agree with that rule.
The book has me thinking about D, about how it's different for everyone and is a never ending challenge. It's a handful of poop on some days, other days it's two handfuls of poop. And yet it has it's rules. Like taking injections before you eat and don't take a shower 2 hours before (or was it after) you have an injection. Keep multiples of everything. Keep CakeMate Gel in your glove box, purse and next to the bed. Lot's of rules! I'd like to add this to the rules of D -

When you get home from work and everyone is cranky insist on a blood test.

Because most likely blood sugar is to blame. And fixing that is much easier than running away to join the circus (even if as Jilly pointed out the circus isn't in town).

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