Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Yay for Camp Sealth!!

I've been really bad at blogging as I've been suffering from burn out. Diabetes is hard.
Due to some encouragement from another T1D mom we decided to send Bean to diabetes camp at Camp Sealth. It was an incredibly hard and brave thing for me to do. My parents died in a motorcycle accident when I was a teenager and as a result I have huge issues with separation anxiety when it comes to my kid. So camp wasn’t just for her but also for me because I can’t project my issues onto her. I have to let her grow up.
The folks at Camp Sealth and the people from ADA are simply amazing. She loved being there and they did a great job with her diabetes. She made many friends – met a cute boy who also has D and learned some independence. And although we missed her so very much, having a diabetes break was what we needed to help put it all in perspective. We haven’t had a day off since September 6th. And the break allowed me to find myself again. I’ve let being a T1D mom define everything that I am to the point that I’d lost myself to it.
The week off also made me rethink a few things we do and reminded me that I need to slow down and just enjoy the moment I’m in. I also reorganized some things to make it easier for us at home. I did a small purge and cleaned out of the toy room. Reorganized furniture and started to do a purge of my sewing room. I didn’t do any sewing while she was gone as I missed her too much.
And I’m so proud of Bean. She was very compliant and bloused for everything she ate. Some of the other D kids didn’t understand the consequences of sneaking food - which is a normal part of growing up with D. And I’m proud of her for her management.

The boat to camp.
The Captain has been taking the kids to Camp Sealth for 36 years or so. Before boarding the kids will give the Captain boxes of Twinkies and other snacks that the crew will then hand out during the 3 hour boat ride. They also dance, sing songs and play games. Makes me want to be a kid again.