Monday, March 29, 2010

Instructions for String Easter Basket & Eggs

I was asked to share this fun craft from my previous post. It's very easy to do.

Crochet string or yarn
School Glue
Paint brushes
Small paper cups.
Parchment paper or plastic bags to cover your work space because it's messy.
Optional: Glitter and spray glue. Print outs of easter clip art.

1. Blow up balloons. We used tiny ones to make doll sized baskets.

2. Wipe a bit of Pam cooking spray on the balloon to make them a bit slick.
3. Mix school glue with a bit of water. You don't want it too runny or it won't harden - but you want it smooth enough to spread around and soak into the string.
4. You can either dip the string into the glue mixture or what we did was start wrapping the string around the balloon then using the paintbrush smear, soak the string with the glue. You want it super coated so that it hardens when it dries. I usually wrap the handle first then around the base, then pile string on at the bottom. The glue makes a sticky gloppy mess.
5. Rest on on a paper cup to dry or suspend from a ledge with tape. It will drip so you'll want something under them. I save the glue mixture - just in case we missed a spot.
6. Once dry check to see that the string is harden all over. If not reapply more glue.
7. One dry, take a pin or old lancet (had to get diabetes in there some how) and poke the balloon.
8. Pull out the old balloon leaving a 3d basket/egg.
9. Decorate. We're going to use glue spray and sprinkle glitter on the eggs. We're also going to use sculpty to make tiny doll easter eggs, chocolate bunnies and cut out easter clip art and ribbon to fill the doll easter baskets. But our eggs are still to wet to show that step:)

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  1. THANKS!!!! My girls love crafty stuff and I feel like they're getting jipped because I don't have a crafty bone in my body!!!!! Maybe this will help :)