Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Loving the pod

We love the Omnipod. We're not really on it yet. Just the saline trial. But it's in many ways so much easier than shots. And I love that I can check her trends and I don't have to get cranky that one of us forgot to fill out the log book. I get cranky about that alot.

What I don't love is the test strips. And the light for the strip is pretty useless in a dark room. But that's why they invented night lights. I also don't like the waiting period . We should hear from Insulet in 3-5 days what the insurance will cover. 3-5 days! Lol. That's like a life time! I'm nervous though. Hopefully our insurance will accept that having one is a medical neccesity. It'll make a huge difference in her levels and ability to self-manage. And it's cheaper than a trip to the hospital. Come on insurance!

I keep meaning to do a diabetes related craft. I have some things floating around in my head but I just haven't gotten to it yet.

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  1. Good luck! I was crazy about the Omnipod too, until they confirmed for me that the wouldn't be changing the IOB feature to keep track of active insulin from carb boluses. That's a safely feature I rely alot on. I was so bummed!!!!

    Anyway, I have a couple pals who just started their kiddos -- one of them is having issues with pod failures/PDM errors, but the other one seems to be doing well.

    Hope it goes well for you too!