Friday, March 5, 2010

Having an 'I hate Diabetes' moment

We check Jilly's blood every night before going to bed. Last night I tip toed into her dark room like every night. Pulled out the pod to check her. I poked the inside of one finger and squeezed out a large drop of blood. All while holding her hand tight. She's learned to sleep through this but still will sometimes pull her hand away and I'll have to start over.
I'm not used to the Freestyle strips and find them more difficult than the One Touch. The blood never seems to want to go into the side of the strip and instead smears around. I eventually got it to read though. I held my breath and waited for the number to come up as it would tell me if I got to sleep through the night or not. And I was lucky she was in range.
I put everything away, tuck her in and kiss her good night. Walking back to my own bedroom. I look down at my hands to see her blood smeared all over them and and that point the self-pity came out.

How unfair. That while other parents get to tuck their children in to bed with out a care before heading off to sleep themselves. I get to go to bed with her blood on my hands. What really gets to me is how oblivious so much of the world is to Diabetes.
Stupid Diabetes.

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  1. I think about that all the time. It takes so much work, that most people don't ever realize, just to make our lives seem "normal."

  2. I've had the comment at school a couple times, "Um, you have blood on your hand."

    I look down and sure enough...there is one of my boys blood. I know, it is such a sad sight. :(

  3. It IS unfair. I think we D parents all have our "stupid diabetes" moments. Know that you're not alone.

    We have used both Freestyle and One Touch. The Freestyle strips definitely take a little bit to get used to them, but once you do, you might find, as we did, that you like them better. We've found they need less blood. We get fewer error messages with them.

    Good luck with the OmniPod!!

  4. HI, I found you through Wendy's blog.

    I love this post, because it rings so true...and SAD. (HUGS)

    May I put you on my blog roll?

    I am at