Sunday, February 21, 2010

Time heals all...

When we were diagnoised everyone told us it would become normal. At the time that felt impossible. How could anything be normal again? It was all so overwhelming. But now it's so routine, I still end up getting up at 3am 3 days a week. On the nights I don't have to get up I often wake up anyways. It can still be stressful. Like when we can't get her blood sugar down. And her behavior is odd. Or the copays. Thankfully we have insurance because it is all incredibly expensive even the copays. Our once perfect budget is out of control. I know we just got back from a cruise - but that was funded by family. And I live in dread of another hospital visit. Our 3 day hospital stay was over 15K. We only had to pay $1,500 of it. I can't imagine the families who do this with out insurance. This is our normal.

But we have awsome days. For my birthday we did Seattle's Ride the Ducks. And had such a fantastic time. We quacked our duckie whistles and saw the Sleepless in Seattle house. Bean can do all her own shots. And the best news? We start pump training on March 1st.

Monday, February 15, 2010

My Sunday....

High - high - WTH? LOW - Eat jelly beans - high - almost in range - SUPER high - check pee, no ketones - high - almost in
range - high
- high - check pee, no ketones - ????

The blood has it out for me.

Belize hammock