Thursday, June 10, 2010

Family Retreat

Last weekend's Family Retreat was so much fun. We talked about diabetes, shared tips, Bean met up with her friend from the previous family retreat, and just had a ball. The best part is that while we were there Bean handled a good amount of her own care. During snack time she would add up the carbs then give me the number (so I could verify if she was right) then she'd go off to be with her friends - bolus and have her friend double check the number for her. She wanted to be more grown up. I supervised from afar, just in case she needed me, which she never did.
This time the panels were organized much better and I didn't feel as rushed from place to place. The food was still gross - thankfully they had bananas and a toaster so she could have peanutbutter toast. And the snack table was full of awsome kid friendly food. Plus I learned from last year and brought a little cooler of food stuffs. My favorite teen panel was held again and they talked about the difference between 'snacking' and 'sneaking' and how sneaking food was done out of a sense of control and rebellion. And how pre-pump many of them wouldn't bolus for the sneaked food. But now that they were on the pump they would at least 'sneak safely'. There was more - but i'll save it for another post.


  1. My J is starting to take care of himself is such a relief when I remind him to bolus for his food, and he says he already did. :) Glad you had a nice time!

  2. YAY! Sounds like a great time.