Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Family Retreat

This weekend is the ADA's family retreat and it really couldn't come at a better time. We're all starting to show signs of D burn out. I've had to get on Bean's case for not testing for Ketones - and not telling us when the pod tells her too. She's not lying about her blood sugars but won't tell unless you ask. Which in my book isn't acceptable. Peeing on a stick is the easiest part of diabetes!

And having a tween is hard. Her and I are starting to snipe at each other a bit more as she fights for more control over her life but doesn't take responsibility for things. And she's struggling with learning an acceptable tone of voice. There are days where I miss having a toddler.

Instead her and I overcome our issues by curl up in her bed to watch season one of Little House on the Prairie. Ma and Pa make parenting look so easy.

Bean on the ferry

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  1. Oh Dear...thank goodness, I have a few more years before Joe becomes a tween. I bet it is difficult for sure, and then to throw D in the mix - UGH.