Monday, January 4, 2010

Time flies with the holidays...

Ni Hao!
It has been awhile since from my last post. I always get so busy and overwhelmed with the holidays. Presents, decorating, mailing, cards, activities - add in T1D and something had to give and that was blogging (or my sanity). Not enough time to do it all.
So December brought new challenges. We learned that Wii Sports was a great way to control her blood sugars over winter break. Playing even a small bit a day made an impact on her. We made our own advent calendar - decorated plain white envelopes that I stuffed with coupons that allowed her various activities, games and treats. I learned to be creative with stuffing stockers. A little candy, some sugar free gum, and small trickets made her just as happy as a stocking stuffed with sugary crap. She displayed amazing control at school when they made gingerbread houses. I asked her to wait off on trying to eat it - and passively aggressive left it out as a decoration letting it get stale.
We made some mistakes though - the biggest one was last night on her birthday. We had so much fun. Went to the reptile zoo, had a play date. Covered her ice-cream cake perfectly with an extra injection. Her night time check was in range (after ice cream cake I had to check at 3am just to be sure). Then this morning when she woke up her blood sugar was 445! She had moderate to high ketones, the color was so dark on that pee stick! And she started displaying the symptoms from the ketones. Upset stomach, not feeling well and headache. I put together what went wrong fast - we forgot her long acting insulin the night before. We've been so good at it, feeling so confident that it became routine and we were doing it with out thinking. The extra shot for the cake messed up our pattern. I got ahold of her nurse Kim who helped walk me through what I needed to do. 5 glasses of water and an hour later her ketones were back in the negative. The doctor also called and walked me through the insulin adjustments. And she was back in range in time to have a half day at school. It still gave me a huge scare. I don't know what I would do with out Jilly's medical team. They are amazing.

So a new rule:
Don't forget the night time shot!

Bean's new room


  1. love the pic of her and the little yorkie terrier . I know she must love her dog and you did fine mom . Kuddos to you for thinking on your toes and all of us d moms are great !!!

  2. Yeah...I'm in the "NOTE TO SELF" club too.

    Like "NOTE TO SELF" Don't forget to bolus.

    And "NOTE TO SELF" Don't forget to reattach the pump after a bath.

    And "NOTE TO SELF" I don't care what the package of gluten free doughnuts says...they are NOT 38 carbs!!!!!!!

  3. A good medical team makes all the difference in the world!! I am so happy you had them to walk you through! 5 glasses of water...WOW! I never heard that...but it will be on my list of things to do next time keytones rear their ugly head.