Friday, August 6, 2010

Omnipod Tool

This idea came from our wonderful school nurse, who is amazing and deserves a parade down main street, a key to the city and a day named after her. When Bean started pumping the endo team recommended that we use sport wrist bands to support the pod on her arms. Bean has scrawny arms and the pod will flop if unsupported. It bothers her and worries her caretakers that some other kid will rip it off.
So I ran down to the local party store and picked up a package of wrist bands. Only to bad for me it didn't work so well. They were too tight and uncomfortable. Next we tried an ace bandage. But this was even worse, way too tight and very ugly. 9 year old girls do not do ugly. We then tried some medical tape and that worked ok but it wasn't easy to take off if you wanted to check the site.
And then the nurse sent her home wearing a sock on her arm! The nurse had cut the toe, heel and top off and used the part between the heel and toe as a support band. And it works great. Bean can easily take it on and off on her own, we've picked up cute socks at the dollar store with cute pictures to make more girlie ones. I also picked up some iron on patches so she can do an arts and craft project to make more. It's such a great idea I had to share.


  1. Great minds think alike - I just did the same for my G who is Podding - I cut off the toes and the heel and voila! a sock armband. G calls them 'sockies'. Glad you found something that works - G's works like a charm! Now how do we go and make some $$$$ off this idea? :0)

  2. Hey girls, check this out! My 8 yr. old has been podding since May and I tried the good ol' sock trick too. Check out my blog and I think you'll like what you see as far as arm bands!


  3. A SOCK!'s crazy when simple tools seem so obvious.

    Well, hindsight is 20/20 -- Gotta love a school nurse like that :)

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  5. Oh my gosh what a fantastic idea! If my kid used the pod she would so totally do that! I wanna see pics of the crafty ones you made!