Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dear Stupid Diabetes...

Dear Stupid Diabetes,

Thank you for keeping me up last night, because after 3 days of insomnia the last thing I would possibly want is to sleep. And it's not like I can take anything for the insomnia anyway out of fear of sleeping too soundly and not being there if needed.

Thank you for last night's unexpected high blood sugar that left us all scratching our heads and wondering where that came from. From a fluke? From the new BBQ sauce? Maybe aliens caused it.

Thank you for the moderate ketones and having to wake Bean up at night for a pee check. It's so easy to drag a half sleeping 9 year old up the stairs and to the bathroom. And there's nothing more fun than dipping things in pee in the middle of the night.

Our next house will have to have a master bathroom. Not because it's cool and stylish but to simplify things. And a larger kitchen. We really need a larger kitchen to hold all the diabetes supplies. Thank you for showing us that.

Yours truely,

A T1D Mom


  1. Thank you for posting your letter, maybe you should change it to:
    Yours truely,
    ALL T1D Moms


  2. Ha! This made me laugh! I agree with Meri..

  3. haha...I was just telling another D-mom that I think it is funny that we all write letters to inanimate objects, that our pumps "talk" to us, and that I am having an "affair" with my CGM Dexter. We are a bunch of WACK JOBS - haha. Glad to be in good company my friend.