Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Double checking doesn't mean it's perfect..

The morning routine...

Our morning's are becoming a consistent pattern now:

6:45 - Alarm goes off and I smack snooze.
7:00 - I finally get out of bed. Let the old dog out, use the bathroom, feed the cat and take my pills.
7:20 - I pick out Jilly's clothing which often involves me going out into the laundry room because who has time to put the folded clothes away? I then cuddle up with Jilly and try to wake her up. Usually it takes me blowing in her face and tickling her ear with a lock of her hair to get her to wake up. And by waking up I mean 'she pretends to sleep while trying to hide a smile'. I then end up removing her blankets, and telling her she needs to wake up because I can hear the puppy crying.
7:35 - I have a 50% chance of remembering to put my pants on before I walk the puppy. Otherwise I realize it as i'm standing out in my slippers and pajamas in front of all the traffic driving by.
7:45 - Puppy is in her big crate having breakfast, then gets walked again then is let loose to play. While she's having breakfast Jilly comes up stairs with messy hair and hauling a blanket, 2 stuffed animals and her D kit. The first thing she says to me is 'Can I watch TV?' to which I always reply 'Is your hair brushed and your back pack packed?'. Answer is always Oh..yeah..
8:00 - Jilly checks her blood sugar. I've made breakfast: 1 cup of cereal, 1 cup of milk, 2 pieces of bacon, and a fruit (usually bannana).
8:10 - Jilly gives her morning injection after me asking multiple times if I need to turn the TV off so she can focus. She checks her kit to make sure it's got everything she needs for the day. Then while she's eating I check her kit again because you can never be too careful.
8:15 - I'm making lunch. She wants to eat the same thing over and over again for lunch and I've relented. I'm learning to pick my battles. I make her a bento box with mini hot dogs, a milk, a cheese stick cut up, a fruit, crackers and a little dessert such as one mini twinkie. I make it look cute and pretty, something she can proudly show off to her friends. Food that shows my love. And as I'm putting it in her lunchbox I look up at the clock. Poop!
8:20 - I'm yelling at Jilly to turn the TV off, get her shoes on, get her coat, get her bags and kit. As we're late. I'm scrambling to get dressed, brush my hair, put make up on, get pets where they need to go, find my wallet - find my keys, yell at Jilly again that she needs to put a 'coat' on as it's winter. Not just a light weight hoodie - her coat. Get out to the car, verify we have the kit, lunchbox and D kit. And then I realize I haven't had time to make my own lunch or breakfast.

That's my morning. So it didn't really surprise me today when the school nurse called to tell me the humalog vial in Jilly's pen was empty. It was then that I remembered that when I had done the 3am check earlier that morning I had seen that the pen was low and had made the mental note to replace it in the morning. Who can remember what they were thinking at 3 am? Not me that's for sure!

I had them check her BS and feed her lunch while I had a frantic drive home from work. I then grabbed two vials - one for the pen and the other for the nurse's fridge as a back up. Now that we're into month 3 with T1D we're starting to get enough supplies to be properly prepared. When I got to the school Jilly was fine. She was sitting in the nurses office playing a game with another little girl. She replaced the vial, did her injection and went back to class as I drove back to work. She also thanked me and told me how much she loves me. Which is really the most important part of it all.

So the new rules I learned today:

Even if I make a mistake in her management she'll still love me just as much as ever.


Double checking doesn't mean it's going to be perfect.


  1. You can add, triple checking doesn't mean it's going to be perfect either. I can't say how many times i've been guilty of forgettting important info I've told myself at the 2 am check. My brain is on auto pilot in the morning. Good thing, whatever the issue, it always works out in the end. :)

  2. yes double , triple what have you the checking does not mean it is perfect by any means . Im telling you it does get easier with time .

  3. Once this year we forgot to put the insulin pen in my daughter's lunchbox. (Now we are pumping.)

    My husband took my daughter to school this past week (I usually do it) and he forgot her pump bag which was hanging on the door knob.

    Luckily I realized it before lunchtime and that frantic trip home and to school!